Let Us Stand Together


Inspirations: The Witcher Series, Malazan: Book of the Fallen, Monster Hunter, The Hinilawod, the Iliad, the Biag ni Lam-Ang, The Scar, Princess Mononoke, Made in Abyss, Shin Megami Tensei (specifically Strange Journey, 4, and Nocturne)

Lakungdula. The word echoes. The songs ring.


Land of the Fireleaves. Isles of the Four Sea-Winds. Archipelago of the Starflies.

The people of Lakungdula are in constant threat of the, seemingly technologically superior Al-Kaigian. The three Lakandoms of Liway are seemingly holding council to move. The Empire of Ija Yawa is sending out boats made of bone and sinew from the shores of T’Kapi. The Tawong Lipod are getting restless, and the Godstorms are growing stronger. 

Rebellion brews louder in the Zuhayras Island Group, as more and more people heed the call of their long lost land and their forgotten Gods. Al-Kaig is seemingly ready to mount another campaign — this time to conquer all of Liway. With the vanishing of the Qiron-rian Wars, they are able to divert more resources to their colonizing attempts.

Al-Kaig is also getting restless, now employing more blasphemous means in trying to conquer. More and more Al-Kaigian squads have Sorcerers and Psionics… and even some have a rare Jeremite, a wizard.

Through all of this, whispers broil underneath the skin of the earth:

“Maykaptan is breaking his chains. The Chained God is free!”

“The Long Night Awaits. The Bakunawa surfaces from the Abyss.”

“Retribution is coming! Yavum will return bodily to claim what is rightfully his!”

And from the long-told story from the Talaun, storytellers of old, one specific passage rings in the minds of people.

“It is like two spheres are being joined together, after they have been sundered!”


Lakungdula is the savage land of maharlikas and regal datus.  Of alien kings and underground emperors. Of incesant infighting between noble tribes. Of the vanishing diwata as they turn their backs on the eart. Of a land being attacked and colonized by their distant racial cousins.

It is a land of heroism, bravery, and light burning in the dark.

Fate is fickle.


Lakungdula: Let Us Stand Together